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Product Care Shutters and Warranty

Product care Shutters

Wood shutters should be dusted with a microfiber dusting cloth, preferably and most easily from the reverse side. For major cleaning, a slightly damp cloth and handwashing
liquid is safe. Make sure that the shutter is left completely dry when you’re finished with its cleaning! If you prefer to use furniture polish, make sure that it is clearly marked “non-yellowing.” All polishes may affect the ability to refinish a shutter in the future, so be careful, and avoid solvents or abrasive cleaners.

Some synthetic shutters (poly shutters) are waterproof and may be safely cleaned with a slightly damp cloth, maybe with a little dish soap if necessary. Most of the time they will only require dusting with a soft material. Avoid solvents or abrasive cleaners.

Never take shutters into your backyard for a spray down (water and paint), especially wood shutters!



Covered (By a Lifetime Limited Warranty)

• North West Shutters window fashion products are covered for defects in materials, workmanship or failure to operate for as long as the original retail purchaser owns the product (unless shorter periods are provided below)

• All internal mechanisms.

• Components and brackets.

• Fabric delamination.

• Operational cords for a full 4 years from the date of purchase.

• Repairs and/or replacements will be made with like or similar parts or products.


Not Covered (By a Lifetime Limited Warranty)

• Any conditions caused by normal wear and tear.

• Abuse, accidents, misuse or alterations to the product.

• Exposure to the elements (sun damage, wind, water/ moisture) and discoloration or fading over time.

• Failure to follow our instructions with respect to measurement, proper installation, cleaning or maintenance.

• Shipping charges, cost of removal and reinstallation.